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Baby R is probably one of the happiest babies I have ever met.  We headed over to Homestead Park for his 6 month portraits and he just smiled and smiled.  He gave us big, toothless grins and was a ham for the entire session.  He also has the most amazing eyes.  They are so big and they just shine.  You can totally tell when he is smiling by looking at his eyes, they smile too!  His mom brought along some amazing hats for his session, that went with his outfits perfectly!  They made him look like such a little man! I loved it!  Thank you for the amazing morning Baby R, we had a blast photographing your six month pictures and we’ll see you again soon!











Jenni, from My Studio 23, and I had the pleasure of photographing this darling couple at one of my favorite locations ever, North Bank Park.  Lately, I’ve found myself drawn to urban locations and this beautiful park is the best of both worlds.  With an AMAZING view of the down town skyline, this park’s river front view adds just the right touch to balance out the urban feel.  While the day was slightly chilly, everything else couldn’t have been more perfect.  The threat of rain held off, creating beautiful overcast skies perfect for pictures.  Even when the train came through during the ceremony, Chris and Cheri couldn’t have looked any happier or more in love! It was just a beautiful day!

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What an amazing wedding this was!  John and Pooja’s wedding was another where I assisted Jenni and it was so much fun!   Their wedding began in true Indian fashion with the groom’s processional, or a Baraat.  This is where the groom danced around the building with all the guests, letting the bride know that he is coming for her.  The ceremony was beautiful as well, with so many details and traditions and then there was an awesome reception as well.  This reception was a first for me as there were several performances for the bride and groom.  There were performances from cousins, the brides sister and friend, and even the bride and groom’s friends learned an Indian dance to perform for them.  I had never seen performances at a wedding, it was so cool! After the amazing speeches, performances, first dances and cake cutting, the dance floor opened up and the party began!

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What an adorable couple! I’ve spent quite a bit of time photographing with Jenni of My Studio 23 and this wedding was one we photographed together towards the end of last year.  It was a beautiful and small ceremony at the Ohio Historical Society.  The day was perfect for a wedding, the air was slightly crisp due to the fall day, the bride looked beautiful and the Historical Society was an amazing backdrop.  The ceremony was intimate and after Beth and Greg gave us plenty of time to get absoluetely gorgeous pictures of the two of them! We used just about every part of the historical society ground and it was clear that these two are meant to be together and crazy about each other. You could see it on their faces!  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day!

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This session with Mr H was so much fun! Mr H had the idea to go to the skate park for his portraits, and we thought it was a great idea! They turned out great! I must say, I was a little nervous photographing at the skate park as there were several very serious skaters zooming around us! They were awesome though, zipping around me faster than I thought even possible.  Mr. H and I enjoyed watching them, and he even showed off his tricks to me too!  It was an awesome afternoon! I can’t wait to go back!

Thanks so much Mr. H for an awesome and fun afternoon and the great suggestion of the skate park!

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