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It’s always a pleasure visiting Baby E and his family.  We think his parents are the sweetest and his brother and sister are adorable.  So it’s no surprise that Baby E follows in every one’s footsteps.  During his 3 month photo shoot, just like  his newborn photos he was a joy to photograph.  Wide awake the entire session, he gave us great big laughs, smiles and some beautiful serious faces.  He also did a wonderful job when we sat him up in his crib. Isn’t he just adorable? Again, we’re kind of late in posting this, it won’t be too long before we’re back to visit him again for his 6 month pictures! Until then Baby E…We can’t wait! 

So, you remember Ashley and Corey? (If you missed part one of their post you can find it here.) We left off as Ashley was walking down the aisle.  The ceremony was so sweet and full of little things that meant so much to them.  Ashley’s grandmother did a reading as well as Corey’s mother, and when they were finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the church.  It was beautiful!

I had mentioned their unique recessional and here it is! Look how beautiful! As they were walking out, they were stopped by the last Marine, who wished them well from all the Marines and welcomed Ashley into their family. After he finished talking, another Marine spanked Ashley on the butt for luck, and giggles erupted from everyone! How awesome!

Stay tuned for the final part of their wedding post! Congrats again Ashley and Corey!

We had the pleasure of photographing Baby R for his two month pictures! We’re a little behind in getting this post up, because he definitely isn’t two months old any more.  However, Baby R was so cute for his pictures and he really was a trooper! We put him through two different outfits and naked baby pictures, and he handled it so well! We even managed to get some adorable pictures of him sleeping as well.  Baby R, you were  one of our favorite favorite sessions to photograph! You are just so cute! Since we are so late in getting this post up, we decided to unveil one of our new products with your post! We are now able to create slide shows of sessions, which can be viewed on your television or computer! We’ll be doing a product feature about them soon, but for now, meet Baby R!

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