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Oh what a cutie! Amanda and I had the pleasure of spending the evening with the adorable Miss A, who was very expressive and funny! We had a great time with balloons, frogs and pink pettiskirts.  Upon editing her pictures, I noticed that the evening progressed like a fairytale would. So, for this post, I decided to present her pictures in fairytale format.  Here we go.

Once upon at time, there was a princess who went by the name, Princess A.  Princess A is an adorable little girl who needed portraits done, so she got dressed up and went to the park with us.  When we got there however, Princess A decided that she wasn’t happy with her outfit.

But after a moment or two, she started swooshing her skirt and decided that she like it.  While she was occupied with her skirt, Amanda and I brought out the surprise we had for her.  It took her a little while to notice what we had brought for her. 

It was balloons! What princess doesn’t like balloons! She was so excited!

Princess A had a wonderful time with the balloon.  She ran, danced and played with the balloons.

She giggled with the balloons because…

…she had bopped them on our heads!

She even played Peek-a-Boo with them!

The princess was happy for she loved the balloons.

Despite how much she loved the balloons, the princess grew restless.  She wanted to explore the rest of the garden.

She climbed up onto a ledge to look over the garden. The princess was amazed at the beauty of the garden.  She decided that she wanted to see it all.

She found a little stream where she decided to get her feet wet.  She stayed at the stream for a while and then decided to continue with her exploring. 

She then found a beautiful waterfall and paused only briefly before continuing on her way.

The princess continued on her way.  She began to get lonely so she decided to look for a friend. 

She didn’t have to look very far for her friend.  Awaiting around the next corner was a frog, waiting to be her friend.

They befriended each other rather quickly.  They talked about the garden and the princess told the frog about all the fun she had with the balloons.  After a nice long talk, the princess and the frog said their goodbyes and had parted ways. 

The princess continued on her way and found some stepping stones that ran across a little creek.  After checking the water temperature…

She began to play and hop across the stones to her heart’s content. She went back and forth, and then she would jump in the water.  She’d get back out and continue going back and forth.    

The princess played and giggled.  And she giggled and played.

She jumped, skipped and danced until she couldn’t play any more.  She was tired. It was time for her to finish playing and hurry on home where her mommy and her bed was waiting for her.

 The princess said told us that she was tired and that she was going to go find her mommy.  She said that she had a wonderful time playing and she thanked us for the balloons. 

The princess turned and started for home.  It had been a beautiful and fun day at the garden.  Amanda and I headed home as well.  We had a great time as well and can’t wait until we get to see Princess A again.

The End!

They say that little boys are made out of “Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails” however, this fellow is made out of KNex and Legos instead of the Snips and Snails.  He loves to build things.  When we were getting set up for his pictures, he had so many ideas of different ways to include his toys in the picture.  I had a great time photographing Mr. H in his room, with his toys.  He’s adorable, yet he also has a slight ornery side when it came to the pictures.  I enjoyed coming up with different ways to use his toys in the portraits.  Enjoy Mr. H! 

This next one is an instant favorite! He sure loves to make things with his toys!

We also laughed our way through a good part of the session.  We had a blast! At one point we had to take a break because we both were laughing so hard!

Mr. H, you were a joy to photograph! I have one of the best jobs in the world! Who else gets to giggle their way through their job and play with KNex? Thanks for a great time, Mr. H!

Oh my goodness! Amanda and I have the pleasure of photographing some of the most adorable children! Miss E is no exception! She is the big sister of Baby A and she loves to have us photograph her.  Actually, she asks us to photograph her, everytime we see her.  We only had time for a mini session, and since Baby A didn’t want her photo done with Miss E, she got to have all the pictures be of her!  My goodness is she a ham!

A little story about this session.  Miss E is obsessed with the movie Flicka, which tells the story about a little girl named Katy and her horse.  Katy, in the movie, wears a shirt similar to the one that Miss E is wearing.  Miss E called this shirt her “Katy” shirt and found it hilarious when I called her Katy. 

Miss E, you are adorable! We can’t wait to see you again! You are getting so big, we can hardly believe it! Say Hi to Baby A for us and we’ll see you soon!

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