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Lee and Sarah got married and it was a beautiful wedding.   Their ceremony was perfect, taking place on the lake at Lee’s parents house.  The two of them are completely perfect for each other and that was obvious to anyone in attendance.  It was such a relaxed day, which complemented Lee and Sarah perfectly.  Everyone had a wonderful time and couldn’t be happier for Lee and Sarah!

This is one of my favorites!

Lee and his family are excellent carpenters, they did many of the projects for the wedding themselves.  Like building the area off the dock where the wedding took place and creating these amazing aisle pieces.  It looked stunning!

Aren’t they beautiful? You can feel how in love they are in these portraits.

This is another favorite from the day! Both Lee and Sarah are very creative people and wanted some creative poses.  When we were discussing the photography, Sarah also told me that Lee likes photos with flare, or as she put it, where the sun gets in the way.  So, here you go, Lee, this one is for you!

Lee and Sarah, I had such an amazing time at your wedding, and I know Amanda did as well!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful time and congratulations.  (Don’t worry, this is only part one of your wedding post, look for many more to come soon! There are so many fantastic photos!)

Wow.  Amanda and I’ve been busy lately.  We wanted to give you a preview of what you’ll see in the near future on the blog.  First off, Amanda’s niece, Miss N, made her first communion.  We’re so proud of her.  We photographed the ceremony and did a quick portrait session with her.  Here’s a sneak peak!

We also did portraits for Erin, a friend of mine.  I actually met Erin years ago, while I was working at a portrait studio.  Isn’t she beautiful? We spent two great evenings walking around downtown, taking pictures, and having a blast.  Here’s just a sneak preview, look for her full post coming soon!

Meet Mr. H! He’s Amanda’s nephew and we got to spend the afternoon watching his soccer game and taking soccer portraits! He missed the soccer pictures, so Amanda and I did some portraits after his game.  It was so much fun to see him play, and we got some great photos of him in action!  Look for Mr. H’s post soon!

Little Miss E is saying hi as well!  Miss E is the older sister to Miss A from this post here (remember the cake session?) We spent the afternoon with Miss E and giggled the entire time.  She’s adorable and so much fun! Look for her full post coming soon as well!

Lastly, this weekend is the wedding of Lee and Sara! Amanda and I are so excited for their wedding! Remember this picture from Curtis and Jessica’s wedding? We can’t wait to see everyone again! Look for sneak previews from their wedding next week!

Whew.  That’s a lot of things going on right now. Have a great weekend. Amanda and I are off to a wedding!

Bob and Sara got married! Amanda and I know Bob from work and back in April, he and Sara got married.  Amanda and I weren’t the primary photographers at the wedding, so it was nice to enjoy a wedding as a guest for a change.  We did snap a few photographs though, from our seat and during the reception.  It was a blast and they are a beautiful couple!

The flower girl was Bob’s niece, who is so adorable! She was so excited as she walked down the aisle.    

Sara looked beautiful coming down the aisle with her dad.  Her dress was to die for! I loved it. 

This is one of my favorites! I love the priest blessing them!

The sweet flower girl watching her “Uncle Bobbie” leave the church.

The DJ was ready to get the party started!

Look at the flower girl’s face! She was cute!

The littlest members of the bridal party shared a dance. 

Everyone had a fantastic time dancing and partying!

This last one is one of my all-time favorites!

Bob and Sara, we had an amazing time at your wedding! Sara, you looked breathtaking and Bob, you looked great as well!  Thank you for inviting us! Congratulations!

This adorable little baby, Baby A, is Amanda’s niece! Isn’t she scrumptious? She just celebrated her first birthday at the end of May, and we got to visit with her last weekend and photograph her one year old portraits.  We did some traditional pictures, and then we had some fun and did smash cake pictures.  Smash cake pictures are some of our favorite ideas to do with one year olds.  They are so much fun and most babies love it.  Even if they don’t like the cake, the portraits from these sessions end up being priceless, full of emotion and so adorable!  Baby A was no exception! She loved the cake!  She wasn’t as thrilled about portraits before the cake, but once the cake was brought out, she became the perfect model.

This next one is one of my favorite non cake pictures. She is so curious! It’s adorable!

She is such a sweetheart. She kept wanting to share the cake with Amanda and I (and the camera).

She loved the cake! She would stop eating just long enough to see what Amanda and I were doing and smile.  Then she would go right back to eating her cake.  It was so funny!

She’s so funny! We were sure that she was going to dive face first into the cake in the next picture.  She didn’t, thank goodness, but still it was funny nonetheless.

If you are interested in doing a smash cake session, please contact us for more information! They are a lot of fun and a different approach to one year portraits!

Baby A, you’re such a cutie! We love you and watching you grow.  We had an amazing time with your one year portraits and hanging out with you all weekend.  Can’t wait to see you again soon! Next time, we’ll get to the Zoombezi bay (the waterpark by the zoo) for sure!

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